Maison du Luxembourg




Farming egg, quail, duck liver, watercress coulis 18€
Risotto with shellfish, Jerusalem Artishoke, garlic cream with parsley 16€
Roasted seascallops, appels and chicory salad, white truffel, beetroot 22€
Bonito fillet, mango, avocado, sesame, dressing with soy 16€
Chessnut creamy soup, celery, smoked trout, Ardennes ham 15€

Main courses

Seabream fillet, cuttle fish, chili peppers, black rice, beurre blanc sauce with chorizo 26€
Pheasant and lobster with black trumpet, cranberries, preserved chicory with bacon 32€
Brillfish fillet, white beans, spinach, crustacean coulis 30€
Beef tenderloin with chanterelles, tomatoes and crusty potatoes with Comté cheese 34€
Dear fillet, red cabbage with appels and ginger, black pudding 34€

Les Desserts

Chocolate mousse, kumquat coulis, coco ice cream 10€
Marinated pineappel with Ibiscus flower, kiwi sorbet 10€
French toast with quince, blue cheese from Acremont, 'Poire Williams' sorbet 10€
Crème brûlée with banana flavour and cardamom, vanilla ice cream with brown rhum 10€
The selection of refined cheeses 12€